Student Art Exhibition brings everyone together

Diana Garcia

The Fullerton College Student Art Exhibition was open to the public and will be on display May 4 through May 18.

Roughly 140 pieces, which consist of ceramics, sculptures, paintings, drawings, and photos are featured and available for purchase.

Karren Hiskey, who won the First Place : Sculpture Award describes her piece, “Travel: Flotsam & Jetsam”, as fun, intricate, and meant to be touched. It features little trinkets, and items she has collected during her travels.

Jim Dowdalls, department coordinator, presented students with art awards and scholarships during the opening reception ceremony.

Awards included 1st through 3rd place winners for different categories.

The funniest moment during the award ceremony occurred when student Justin Reyes won the Marciano Martinez Art Award for his work “Parallel Paradoxes”, and an imposter went up to receive it, Kanye West style, to deliver the message “Before you die, start your own scholarships!”

Art gallery director, Carol Henke has her students set up the gallery as their final project.

As described by student, Jasmine Nguyen, they are in charge of the layout, lighting, and positions of the art, etc.

The gallery still has works available for purchase. Admission is free.