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MTVu ranks Fullerton College professors in top 10

Fullerton College falls as number 8 on the top 25 community college 2012-2013 Top Lists created by

According to the ratemyprofessor website, Fullerton College rates a professor an average of 3.87 out of 1223 professors, a rating based on the nine people subscribed to the site. The overall quality of the campus is a 4.1 on a 5 point scale and is based off of subcategories such as: reputation, location, opportunity, library, campus, internet, food, clubs, and happiness.

The Top Lists consist of the top 25 community colleges, universities and professors in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. All ratings are based off of student input.

“We take good care of the college,” said Rajen Vurdien President of Fullerton College. “The faculty are world class quality. It’s a flagship institution in the community college system. There’s the concept of pride and ownership of students and faculty.”

The highest ratings the campus received for these subcategories were: reputation 4.2, location 4.4, library 4.5, campus 4.4 and happiness 4.7.

“We are number one in transfers to CSU system and in the UC system we are top seven,” said Vurdien.

According to MTVu’s press release, professors are rated for being helpful and clear in their courses and teaching. While college ratings are based off of the professor ratings and overall scores some factors of the overall scores include campus life and academics offered to the students.

“I look at it as confirmation of all the hard work that I do,” said Lou Ann Gibson, a child development professor at San Diego Mesa College, rated at number 4. “What really matters to me is being able to make a difference in my student’s lives. I am very blessed to have a career where I love what I do with a passion,”

A separate list altogether is the top ten hottest professors. They are rated on a scale of chili peppers, which means the student can select the option of a chili pepper if they are considered hot.

“I have wonderful students who care a lot about learning and put a great deal of effort into their studies,” said Bie Tan, mathematics instructor at City College of San Francisco, rated at number 7. “Many students here at CCSF have had a difficult time with math in the past, so they are incredibly motivated to do well now. This is what I love best about teaching at a community college.”

A fun list is added in addition which includes categories such as: most awesome professors, Nobel prize winning professors, hottest chemistry professor, most followed professors on twitter and schools with the happiest students.

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