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Keeping it saucy at Two Saucy Broads

Two Saucy Broads Pizza & Beer Parlor on Highland Ave in Fullerton, CA just marked their 5-year anniversary earlier this year.

The owners Katherine Knost and Jennifer Nap, two sisters in their early 30s started Two Saucy Broads five years ago when they were looking to start a business together.

Two Saucy Broads
Two Saucy Broads Pizza and Beer Parlor is located in downtown Fullerton. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

“We weren’t exactly looking for pizza when we started this, we actually started looking for a failing business and we found a failing chain pizzeria down the street on Euclid and Commonwealth,” Nap said, “that’s he we got started. It just happened to be pizza.”

From there they got to work on their business which wasn’t without its hard work.

“Other than lots of sleepless nights and hours on our feet,” Knost said, “you’re on the clock all the time, every day making it work.”

“It’s one of my favorite jobs, first of all the people, I love everyone I work with, my bosses, they get back there and do the dirty work and you don’t see many bosses doing that,” Kameron Thompson a year long employee of Two Saucy Broads said, “second is the love we put into the pizza. I have fun back there. It’s really fun and it’s very enjoyable.”

Saucy the Vampire Slayer
Saucy the Vampire Slayer, a pizza created by Two Saucy Broads in honor of Halloween. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Knost and Nap developed their unique recipes together such as Saucy the Vampire Slayer (pictured), Bronx Bomber and the festival inspired Pestopalooza.

“I was taught by a New Yorker in all things pizza related,” Knost said, about their pizza recipes, “so they’re all our spins on Long Island recipes.”

They’ve created the pizza Saucy the Vampire Slayer in honor of Halloween, which includes whole cloves of roasted garlic, shredded parmesan, oregano and the house blend of whole milk mozarella, finished with ghost pepper pesto.

Two Saucy Broads is also located next to Bootleggers Brewery which is a locally owned microbrewery in Fullerton. Two Saucy Broads will even walk your pizza from their restaurant to Bootleggers upon request.

“We knew they were moving in there, we already had a good partnership with them with their old location and our old location,” Knost said, “so we were able to team up.”

They are located across the street from Fullerton City Hall and the Fullerton Police Department headquarters, making some of their regulars Fullerton City Council Member Greg Sebourn and the Police Chief Dan Hughes.

Nap says that the restaurant gets a steady flow of customers, except for the summers.

Halloween spirit
Two Saucy Broads is getting into the Halloween spirit by having some decorations of their own. Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

“Other than that, Fullerton’s been very great, it’s been a very accepting town, they’re very accepting of locals and handcrafted foods,” Knost said, “so we’re very lucky with that.”

When asked, Knost had a hard time deciding what her favorite pizza was, looking as though she was imagining all the flavors while Nap instantly stated hers with a blank face.

“It depends on my mood, it all comes down to a good base and our cheese is very very good,” Knost said, “I’m a sausage, mushroom garlic girl. Anything with garlic.”

“I’ll go with our Pestopalooza,” Nap said.

The Pestopalooza includes pesto, basil, marinated artichoke hearts, mushroom, garlic, bruschetta, parmesan and feta.

Their appetizer menu includes pinwheels which is a dish not too common on pizza parlor menus.

“Essentially it’s a pizza rolled into a cinnamon roll like appetizer,” Knost said, “It is a New York staple, but all the toppings are spun up inside, you get the sauce on the side, extra garlic, just like I like it, with three types of cheese and we make them in pepperoni and spinach.”

Dine in, pick up, or delivery
The menu for Two Saucy Broads located in Fullerton, California Photo credit: Joshua Miranda

Two Saucy Broads Pizza & Beer Parlor is located at 108 S Highland Ave, Fullerton, CA

For reviews, comments, and pictures check out their yelp page.

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