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Scary monsters invade Fullerton College

Halloween is the day when everyone has the opportunity to dress up

Fruit of the Loom
Not all costumes have to be scary, sure can be creative. Photo credit: C.J. Sanchez

and become someone they admire or show the version of themselves, we usually don’t see on a day to day basis.

Quad Haunt is the spark needed to give Fullerton College students a way to express who they truly are for a single night of the year.

This also encourages students to join on the festivities during this hallowed day of horror and excitement.


“It makes me forget about going to school or work,” Kevin Hugnh, FC student and comic enthusiast, said with excitement, ”here people get to be someone else or express their inner self for a day.”

Students dress up and walk aimlessly about the quad laughing and enjoying other strange characters lurking in the distance.

Slender Man
Even Slender Man wants to join in on the Halloween fun, even if he “stands” alone. Photo credit: C.J. Sanchez

Cyle Stok, FC student, took on the persona of the controversial “Slender Man.”

”The reason why I dressed as Slender Man,” Stok said, standing motionless, ”is because I wanted to see how the world looked through his eyes.”

Fullerton College encourages students to participate in the Halloween haunt each year as nothing is better than running around playing and pretending especially when there’s candy involved.


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