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Why!? Wi-Fi Why!?: A Misconnection

“Thank you modern technology for Wi-Fi.” I am enthused to say, otherwise we would all be having some steep, overcharged data and Internet bills.

Since the inception of the Internet, we’ve all seen the advancements of the technology, from LAN lines plugged in walls to Wireless routers that broadcast signals for connectivity.

It’s creation made the goal to literally connect everyone and everything, in some way shape or form, without the use of wires or plug-ins.

Thus taking an enormous leap into a mobile way for world communication, where it’s use depends on the user.

Gamers use it daily, connecting with players from all walks of life, in combat on alien planets and treacherous landscapes riddled with labyrinths and unparalleled dangers.

Or stand side by side on adventures into the unknown, fighting for truth and justice.


Why won't it work?!
It’s one thing to get information from school books. It’s another when no one can fact check the information you find in school books to save your life. Photo credit: C.J. Sanchez

Then we have businesses, restaurants, homes and schools. Schools like Fullerton College, which is currently holding 22,562 students, not including office staff and teachers.

Now that’s a lot of connected phones to weak and short range Wi-Fi.

Utilizing the college Internet is vital for all the students in order to get a higher form of education outside the classroom. That, and I like catching Pokemon during passing period between classes.

From time to time I would hear someone say, “Damn you Wi-Fi,” as I walk down the halls.

It was then I realized,”I am not the only one having damn issues within the surrounding signal.” Which made me happy for some reason, even if it was at the expense of someone else’s “pain.”

It seems no matter what kind of provider you have, whether it is AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon or other affiliates, no one is safe from this misconnection between student and Wi-Fi.

Balshan Mangat explains, “I hate not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi.” Looking down as he taps away at his phone.

“I think it’s important the school looks into changing internet providers or having some kind of range extenders surrounding the campus.” he said frustrated putting away his phone in his back pocket.

Why aren't you connecting?
Fullerton students always having trouble logging into the school’s Wi-Fi. Photo credit: C.J. Sanchez

It is frustrating knowing that there is all these routers and modems; satellites and antennae encased in and outside classrooms around the school, yet we’re all having problems coupling with the signal?

What could be done to help Fullerton College students not only save data and money, but help me from going crazy when my Pokemon escape due to my crashing phone?

As I walked around school trying to get some kind of connection, I came across a few students that were doing the same thing.

Austin Spain, another Wi-Fi user, gives us some solutions to what can be done to make this problem disappear.

“I believe setting up a connection coming from building 800 [library] and having it closer to the quad, with the help of extenders and an upgrade, could help amplify the signal evenly throughout the whole campus.” he said as he cracked his fingers one by one.

I don’t know about you, but things have to change.

This Wi-Fi fiasco has been causing more trouble for students, than the food they serve, even though they complain about that too.

Oyuki Ayala tells me,“One solution the school can do to help us, is to provide more modems and routers in and around classrooms. Extending from the library and across the whole campus.” as she looks and points at the roof of the library.

I mean there could be more solutions to this insignificant problem, but it would help if campus official can provide some kind of information regarding student’s faith in having a better working “relationship” with our school’s Wi-Fi.

Stop being such a tease Wi-Fi, you’re playing with our emotions.

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