Plants flourish at horticulture department’s 2017 Spring Sale

Brian Carrillo

Students and staff
Students and staff at FC's horticulture department during the 2017 Spring Plant Sale on Saturday, May 6 Photo credit: Brian Carrillo

The FC Horticulture Department kicked off their 2017 Spring Plant Sale despite some light rain on Saturday, May 6.

The sale offered a wide selection of new and unusual plants not often found in the normal “box stores” of Orange County.

Many people arrived early to get the first pickings of the healthy plants available.

California native and drought tolerant plants, young vegetable plants, sweet and hot peppers, vines, succulents, cactus’s, tomatoes, and perennials are just some of the wide selection of plants found at the sale.

People coming for the plant sale are not the only ones who end up learning something. Student volunteers also learn a great deal about what customer are interested in seeing.

Not only does purchasing plants at the spring plant sale benefit the college and the horticulture program, it also helps the local ecology when people plant California native plants.

Native plant section
The native plant section at the 2017 Spring Plant Sale at Fullerton College. Photo credit: Brian Carrillo

Ed Kim, student intern in the horticulture department, explained that it benefits the bugs and the birds of southern California.

He explained that the horticulture department at Fullerton College is very special program, offering classes that afford students with valuable knowledge about all aspects of horticulture and agriculture.

“I fell in love with the professors and the classes that are here,” Kim noted, “We have a permaculture set-up, a hydro set-up, and so you get the whole spectrum.”

Maxine Barry was a student intern in 2001 and has been coming every year to the plant sale as a volunteer.

“They get bigger and better every year,” Barry remarked, “My main focus is herbs. I grow many varieties of lavender, about 35 at least.”


Alongside the rare and unusual plants found at the plant sale, the ceramics department sells pots made by several ceramics professors during their demonstrations in class.

The plant sale offers a great opportunity for collaboration between the two departments.

Ceramics lab technician Melanie Donegan used recycled clay left over from the students during the semester to create some of the large pots showcased at the sale.

“We get to come to the tomato and plant sales and it is just a wonderful collaboration. It shows the college departments working together which is really good,” explained Kirin Hisky of the ceramics department.

Ceramic Pots
Some of the ceramic pots created by the FC ceramic department in collaboration with the 2017 Spring Plant Sale. Photo credit: Brian Carrillo

The sale continues Sunday, May 7 from noon to 3 p.m and also runs next Saturday, May 13 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information about the sale and the FC horticulture department, visit their website.