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The Class of 2031 reign over Fullerton College

Imagine stepping foot on a college campus and suddenly watching a wave of 1,500 kindergartners roaming the quad.

Fullerton College’s 24th Annual Kinder Caminata allowed kids to experience a day full of fun and educational activities provided by student clubs and classes yesterday.

More than 400 volunteers guided kids throughout the campus to open their eyes to a future of higher education.

Excited elementary school kids begin to arrive at 8:30 a.m. for the Fullerton College's 24th annual Kinder Caminata. Photo credit: Leticia Perez

“I hope the kindergartners see the bigger picture of what college can provide for them…and that it opens their minds to the opportunities available, something much bigger than what they see” said Jane Chavez, a volunteer and sociology major.

The Class of 2031 explored different stations that included going inside a biology laboratory, making slime and even learning about drones.

Alexis De Guzman a biology major helping a Las Lomas Elementary school student with an experiment of "chromatography." Photo credit: Leticia Perez

“My favorite part has been everything because I got to win prizes” said Sofia Penate,student from Barton Elementary School.

One of the stations where kids got to express themselves was the “Self-Portrait.” Kids were able to stand in front of a mirror and draw “something new for them, the happiness in their faces and the color of their eyes,” said Bree Engrasci a child development major.

An Arbolita Elementary school student drawing himself at the "Self-Portrait" station during Kinder Caminata on March 8th. Photo credit: Leticia Perez

Las Lomas Elementary School teacher Laurie Dreher took her students to the Sociology Club station where students had to work together to build a puzzle. While having fun, Dreher said the children are “getting exercise and learning about culture” in hopes that they can one day look back and remember that they went to college when they were younger .

Parents were also able to chaperone for their school.

Kia Souria, is a mother to a Las Positas Elementary School kid. It was her first time attending Kinder Caminata at Fullerton College and was amazed by the positivity radiating on campus. “The students can have [college] to look forward to in the future. The world is a big place and I am happy to come along; it’s different experiencing it from seeing it,” said Souria.

The event concluded at 11:30 a.m with a ceremony where FC President Greg Schulz and event organizers spoke to thank everyone for coming. The students chanted along with the schools’ real life mascot, Buzzy the hornet, “Si se puede!” which translates to “ Yes we can!”

Elementary school students eager to gather around the "Drone Lab" truck to learn more about drones at Fullerton College. Photo credit: Leticia Perez

Event organizer, Karen Vernon had this to say about the purpose behind Kinder Caminata.

“Most of the kids are potential first generation college students and may not be as familiar as to what it is” said Vernon. The goal is also to eliminate any possible stereotypes about who goes to college. “For kids to look back the next time they hear the word college they say I went there, I saw people that looked like me and that place is for me’” she added.