Proof of vaccination required to register for in-person classes next semester

Jorge Luna

NOCCCD students will be locked out of in-person Spring 2022 classes during registration if vaccine records or exemptions have not been submitted. The deadline is Nov. 1, but students can still submit their documents before registration begins.

Fullerton College has roughly 18,800 students enrolled, and approximately 6,000 have uploaded records, leaving 12,000 that have not.

Fullerton College Communications Director Lisa McPheron speculated that students have not submitted their records due to a lack of awareness about the vaccine mandate and the deadline.

On Aug. 24 NOCCCD Trustees voted nearly unanimously to mandate the COVID vaccines for district campuses.
On Aug. 24 NOCCCD Trustees voted nearly unanimously to mandate the COVID vaccines for district campuses. Photo credit: Ryan Davis

To avoid being locked out of on-campus classes for spring, students are required to submit vaccination status no later than a week before their registration appointment or sooner. It will take a week or more for records to be reviewed and verified.

Tentatively, 1,824 spring classes will be in-person or hybrid, and 910 classes will be online or on Zoom. Students that want to remain remote for the upcoming semester have no guarantee of what classes will be available remotely.

333 FC students have requested exemptions, 299 due to religious reasons. Students with approved exemptions will be required to take COVID tests weekly for access to campus.

Unvaccinated students who did not request an exemption may decide to skip a semester to avoid the mandate. This may cause enrollment to decrease next semester.

FC students will continue to have access to MyGateway even if records have not been submitted and will only be locked out of in-person classes for spring registration, unlike the process for the Cal States.

Cal State universities unenrolled students for the following semester who did not upload their vaccination status or that did not submit an exemption request. In addition, transfer students’ admissions were revoked if records weren’t submitted by the deadline.

Students attending on-campus classes this semester that have not submitted their vaccination status will be required to take free COVID tests weekly until vaccination status has been submitted. Then, the testing will be shown to those working at the Check-In Center to be cleared to attend class.

For more information, visit the Fullerton College website.