CSUF murderer moved in secret

Madalyn Amato

Patricia Almazan, daughter of one of the seven victims who were murdered at CSUF in 1976, was shocked to hear that her father’s killer had been moved from one mental institution to another.

Since his arrest, Edward Charles Allaway had been held at Patton State Hospital after being deemed mentally insane.

He recently was moved, without notice to the families of the victims, to Napa State Hospital. An establishment, according to Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, is not as secure as Patton.

In 2001 he petitioned for release, but was denied due to his “lack of guilt” and “lone wolf tendencies”, according to Assistant District Attorney Dan Wagner.

40 years ago, Allaway went on a rampage at CSUF, killing seven people in total including Frank G. Teplansky, Almazan’s father.

"The Victims"
The seven victims of Allaway’s rampage, including Almazan’s father, pictured in the third row, first column.

At the time, he believed that his wife was being forced to produce pornographic films which were being shown in the basement and that a group of homosexual men were plotting his murder.

He got off 23 rounds with his rifle before being compromised.

Although there is nothing Rackauckas’s office can do to stop the transfer, they can, however, challenge his release to Napa which will prompt a trial to determine if Allaway should be returned to Patton or not.